We’re Back!!! New Year. Same Us!

Hey Family! The long awaited Blend More With The Orr’s is back! Feels so great to say that!

It seems like only yesterday I had a vision to create a safe space for blended mother’s like myself. A place where their voices mattered and were heard. A place where we could finally say all the things society makes us feel bad for even thinking.

The birth of Blend More with The Orr’s was unplanned, messy, and took place smack dab in the middle of my living room. Since my husband is my sounding board, I ran the concept past him and he suggested candid discussions which led to our YouTube channel. Here’s where it got messy. We would discuss these taboo topics and have an outlet, no one would watch right? Wrong! Not only did people watch but it fell right into the laps of his baby mothers. Like I needed the drama for just speaking my truth. Seems I forgot our truths were intertwined and those taboo topics were relative to them. Next thing you know my already challenged blended family had yet another obstacle to overcome.

I shut it down. Done. Finished. Finito. No more recordings. No more discussions. Just that quick I buckled. Funny how the criticisms of life ring louder than any amount of applause. Because we were in fact helping people, not the masses because our following hadn’t grown to anything substantial. But even one blended family reached was a huge feat for me. Life of course got in the way, but I could still feel that tugging towards a purpose I know God placed within me. I had to find a way to tell MY truth, share MY experiences without becoming so wrapped up in the perception of others. It wasn’t about them, it wasn’t even about me. Marriages were suffering. Families needed healing. Children caught in the crossfire. And I conceded because a few people thought I overstepped. UNACCEPTABLE I told myself.

So here we are. You. Me. Us. Together. Figuring this thing out. Blending. Not yet refined and smooth, we are just mixing ingredients at this point…testing things out. No manuals. No script. Living in IT. Committed to making something amazing, something unique for us. So here’s to life in the blend, and exploring all things blended.

We can’t wait to take this journey with you!



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